Hint o’ Mint Cookies

I love Thin Mints, and by “love” I mean I could easily plow through an entire sleeve of them in one sitting. Like many other cookie-craving Americans, I’d “help” out our local Girl Scouts by handing over enough dough for several boxes (so I could freeze them and enjoy them at will, naturally, or *cough* [...]

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Chocolate-Banana ‘Twice as Nice Cream’

Ice cream is made for summer, but if you’re allergic to dairy (or trying to watch your weight – who isn’t?), it can be recipe for disaster. Take heart, though, you can still have your treat and eat it, too! The magic of this Twice as Nice Cream lies in its simplicity. All that’s needed [...]

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Gluten-Free Hint o’ Mint Cookies

Gluten-Free Hint o’ Mint Cookies [recipe]Gluten-Free Hint o’ Mint Cookies - - Almond flour ((not almond meal)), coconut flour, cacao powder, Sea salt ((fine grain)), Baking soda, butter ((organic from pasture-raised cows)), raw local honey, pure peppermint extract ((according to taste brand potency), plus another ½ to ¾ tsp. peppermint extract for chocolate coating), pure [...]

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Cherry-Apple Almond Flour Crumble

Cherry-Apple Almond Flour Crumble   This dessert is so popular in our household that even our friends and family members now ask for it by name. The cherry and tart apple filling combined with the mildly sweet almond flour crumble will have you reaching for seconds (and never missing traditional wheat-based versions). Another plus: fresh [...]

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Einkorn Choco-Nut Pumpkin Cookies

Einkorn Choco-Nut Pumpkin Cookies   Love chocolate chip cookies (who doesn’t?!), but are looking for a healthier, less allergenic alternative? Try these tasty, pumpkin-y treats on for size. The einkorn wheat (an unhybridized, ancient variety) naturally offers more beneficial nutrients and significantly less gluten – and even better taste and texture. The pumpkin negates the [...]

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Einkorn Blueberry Scones with Vanilla Key Lime Glaze

Einkorn Blueberry Scones with Vanilla Key Lime Glaze   I’ve always loved the sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor of a good scone, but I thought I’d have to give them up forever because of my wheat and dairy allergies. When I researched einkorn wheat (an ancient, unhybridized variety with naturally less gluten and plenty more nutrients than modern [...]

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