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Julie and Brian Williamson, ready to cut a rug because it’s not easy to eat at weddings.

A Little About Me, Julie Williamson

I’m a professional journalist with more than 19 years of experience and more than 1,000 published articles (the lion’s share of those pertaining to health/medical-related subject matter).

A lifelong food allergy and food sensitivity sufferer with a number of other perplexing and frustrating health issues (most of them related, just not so obviously), I’ve spent more than a decade working to find the root of my health problems, as opposed to downing prescription medications (the go-to approach of many physicians), throwing in the towel and assuming my health issues are just an unfortunate fact of life. With the help of my knowledgeable, dedicated and caring doctor – and my natural desire to research and investigate possible, and write about my discoveries – I’ve managed to uncover many valuable insights that have helped me dramatically improve my health. The journalist in me thought it was time to share those discoveries with others; hence, the creation of Fare Thee Well Health.

I must admit, though, I’ve certainly not made it this far alone. Brian, my husband of nearly 18 years, has been an unwavering source of support and comfort – my port in the storm, my shoulder to lean on, and my partner in this long and sometimes arduous health and wellness journey. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a computer whiz with a strong business background, which makes him a welcomed and invaluable contributor to Fare Thee Well Health. My parents, too, deserve much credit. My poor mom, who struggled to cook for a child who could eat practically nothing without becoming terribly ill (but somehow succeeded) continues to rally behind me – pushing me to think outside the box, persevere and not get discouraged when my allergies and other health woes rear their ugly head (as they sometimes do). My dad, too, keeps his eyes peeled for news reports, magazine articles or anecdotal information that could potentially to lead me to additional health discoveries. They also join Brian as my official kitchen staff, taste testing my recipes before they make it on the website. I also happen to have two amazing, empathetic sisters who are always there to lend their support (and heed my unsolicited health and wellness advice).

Last, but not least, Brian and I share our Phoenix, Ariz., home with a number of rescue cats who give their unconditional love and “help” me write my latest posts from the comfort of my lap. If there’s a silver lining to my allergies it’s that cat dander isn’t one of them.

We’re so pleased you’ve found this website and hope you’ll visit regularly. I’ll be adding new articles, tips, tools and recipes frequently (a healthy mix of allergy-focused features, general health and wellness information, and other fun and useful tidbits) and look forward to the possibility of helping you or a loved one achieve greater health and wellness!