Keeping a daily food log/diary is essential for monitoring food-related reactions and gaining a clearer picture of the role food plays in our overall health and mental wellness. Many food diaries on the market are geared toward dieting and weight loss (NOT our primary goal here), and the few that are tailored toward food allergy sufferers seemed to be missing some key elements and prompts (and those diaries aren’t exactly inexpensive, either). We created our own Fare Thee Well Health Food Diaries/Logs (one for adults, another specifically for children) that are more comprehensive and focused, yet designed to be simpler to complete. The best part? They can be downloaded/printed for free! We encourage you to print off a week’s worth in advance and staple all logs from that week together, so they can be easily reviewed. Each week’s printouts can then be filed by date in a binder, so the information can be readily accessed and compiled. You’ll be surprised by how much data is captured on those sheets of paper and how valuable that information will be for pinpointing potentially problematic foods (or combinations of food).

Adult Wellness Log / Food Diary

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Child Wellness Log / Food Diary

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My Child’s Allergy Information Form

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There’s a seemingly endless collection of lengthy articles geared toward those with food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances – and you’ll find a number of them on this very site – but sometimes, infographics and “quick read” content are equally valuable educational tools (especially when time is of the essence and we just need to know some of the message’s high notes). We created the following Tips and Tools content to help give you a jumpstart to understanding different aspects to food allergies and their potential underlying causes. We’ll be adding more, so be sure to check back often!

Do’s & Don’ts of Food Reintroduction

When it comes to reintroducing previously problematic foods, slow and steady wins the race. Giving your body time to heal is essential, as is taking a focused approach to reintroduction that involves daily use of a food diary/log and an honest assessment of how the body and mind react when small amounts of the foods are reintroduced.

The ‘Full Glass’ Analogy: What’s It Mean for Food Allergy/Sensitivity Sufferers?

Some doctors remind their patients that a ‘glass half full’ is far better than a full or overflowing one. In this analogy, the ‘water’ inside the glass represents the food we eat.

About Leaky Gut

As many as 2 in 10 people have food sensitivities/intolerance, which some experts believe may be caused by leaky gut (intestinal permeability).

Surprising Symptoms of Food Allergies and Sensitivities

There are some symptoms of food allergies and sensitivities that you may find surprising (and your doctor may overlook or misdiagnose).