Hint o’ Mint Cookies

I love Thin Mints, and by “love” I mean I could easily plow through an entire sleeve of them in one sitting. Like many other cookie-craving Americans, I’d “help” out our local Girl Scouts by handing over enough dough for several boxes (so I could freeze them and enjoy them at will, naturally, or *cough* [...]

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Manchego Cheese Cups with Chunky Chicken Salad

If you love cheese and cool, fresh chicken salad, you’re in for a treat with this recipe – my favorite light and fresh lunch item, especially when the temperatures start to climb (it’s also a great accompaniment to a bowl of tomato soup, though, so it’s good any time). The “cups” are formed by cheese [...]

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Chocolate-Banana ‘Twice as Nice Cream’

Ice cream is made for summer, but if you’re allergic to dairy (or trying to watch your weight – who isn’t?), it can be recipe for disaster. Take heart, though, you can still have your treat and eat it, too! The magic of this Twice as Nice Cream lies in its simplicity. All that’s needed [...]

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