December 17, 2015

Celebrated my hubby’s birthday with the most towering homemade lasagna I’ve ever made (seriously, that sucker felt like it was 20 pounds!), plus a divine-looking strawberry mousse cake from AJ’s (the best boulangerie around, in my opinion – and their cakes are surprisingly inexpensive). I served everyone heaping slabs of the pasta and dished an herb and arugala salad onto a plate for moi. It was good, but that lasagna taunted me and the cake sneered at me from its ceramic perch. I didn’t give into temptation, though, and instead brewed myself some green tea with a touch of stevia. The sacrifices we food weirdos have to make to avoid wretched health repercussions. On a positive note, the green tea makes my skin glow and may protect me from cancer. Take THAT strawberry mousse cake!