January 1, 2016

It’s officially 2016 and I’m definitely feeling the strain/pain of easing up these past couple weeks on my normal eating routine. About 50 of the 52 weeks in the year, I’m pretty focused on what I can and can’t eat…but I can’t lie. Sometimes, I slip up, let my guard down and sneak a bite of a Santa-shaped frosted cookie. And then another bite. And another. Pretty soon, I’ve downed the whole thing and find myself all but licking the plate to enjoy every last crumb. So sue me…I’m human! 😉 The enjoyment is short-lived, though, because not only am I gluten intolerant, I’m also allergic to wheat (the grain itself, in all its entirety), so that yummy treat quickly turns into an awful gut ache with a double dose of pounding headache and crappy mood (the food coloring doesn’t help, either — why does Santa need to wear RED!?!?!). Full disclosure: Sometimes, despite feeling lousy after said cookie, I “may” find myself going back for another one or two (I liken it to giving a toddler a bite of a cupcake, but then sitting it in front of them and telling them, “Hands off!” as they eye it up and drool). It’s sometimes tough to stop when you finally give yourself the green light to take a bite. Even my strong willpower has its breaking point, let me tell ya. Now, it’s time to get back on track and eat the foods that fuel me, not foul me. *Sigh* As must as I’d like a cookie as solace for the hours it’ll take to undecorate my holiday home, I’ll power up my Vitamix instead and relish in the fact that the bloat I received as a holiday gift will be promptly returned. CHEERS TO A HEALTHY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!