November 23, 2015

Well, joy to the world. Just dropped hundreds at Whole Foods in preparation of our Thanksgiving feast. Buying all organic produce, free-range, organic turkey, sulfite-free, unprocessed honey ham, etc. comes at a price. In the past, I’d buy regular grub for guests and save the organic/free-range stuff for me and Brian, but now I have guilt for taking the best and serving the rest. I figure if we benefit from it, so will everyone else (at least that’s my giving spirit around the holidays).

I’m grateful for family and friends (and so much more), but NOT for the astronomical grocery receipts we allergy sufferers know all too well. Hmpffft. Oh, and our allergic tabby has now been moved to an all-organic, high-protein/grain-free food that I can only get at – yep, you guessed it! – WHOLE FOODS. Will the fun never end? 😉